Hotel Simran Manali

Accommodation & Dining

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Located in Manali (Himachal Pradesh, India) Hotel Simran is a well-furnished hotel. It is equipped with luxury suites and VIP rooms that provide a world class experience to tourists. The lavishing interiors give the feel of royalty, whereas, the dining hall is the place where you can feast on the delectable dishes.

We promise that you will not regret the decision of staying in Hotel Simran. Just contact us and get the room/suite booked for yourself. You will have an astounding experience here.


Hotel Simran Manali based in Manali (India) has a separate dining area that offers multiple cuisines to the tourists/ guests. We keep on updating the guests about the latest culinary options available at our restaurant. We make sure that the quality of our food is up-to-the-mark and taste is delicious. We have with us experienced chiefs who make use of excellent quality and fresh ingredients, vegetables, dairy or poultry products, etc., for the preparation of any cuisine. We have a wide variety of cuisine and our dining area is spacious that offers comfortable sitting arrangement to the guests.